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And if you need some romantic ideas, I have some, example:

1. Writing a love poem,

2. Go to the beach and make a large shape of love heart in the sand and sit down together inside the heart for watch the sun go down. 3. etc.

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Senin, 31 Januari 2011

relationship advice: Give Full Attention To Your Girlfriend

Praise is a fun action. However, pay attention to the couple as if no one else around you is a noble act. "You certainly want that she was always feel that she is your priority," said Bushong. "Focus your attention to her. When you two are communicating, make eye contact while touching her hand. "You could also say things like," You are the most sensual woman in this place. "Guaranteed she will bestow much love for you!

Minggu, 30 Januari 2011

Love Can Eliminate Pain

Love does not only affect the inner person. Research shows, love can heal physical pain.

The term 'love can conquers all' might have a point. Not only the emotional effect that is obtained when someone is falling in love, but also physical endurance is incredible.

Quoted from Genius Beauty, hundreds of people asked to become the object of research. Their palms are heated up to high heat levels. At the same time, they were also asked to see photos of loved ones.

Interestingly, when the object of the study was see photos of their loved ones, burning sensation that they feel more and more reduced.

The researchers concluded that the feeling of love can function like a pain-reducing medication or analgesic. Feeling of love will stimulate the brain to reduce the sensor area to feel the pain. Not only that, feeling of love is also stimulate the production of opamin hormones, which can induce pleasure and positive mood.

Kamis, 13 Januari 2011

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Minggu, 09 Januari 2011

love that began to grow

Already three months have passed after I met you at my new work place. You are so fascinating. Makes me a little by little in love with you. Love in my heart it's not easy coming. As I said earlier, it took three months for me to decide that I do love and love you. The longer the feeling of love is to flourish. Day after day, week after week, and month after month passed, your beauty enchanting my heart is always soothing heat by the load of work and living expenses are mounting. You are my heart, brings tranquility and peace in my life. That is why I dared to send a clear signal for you to understand that I fell in love with you. Hopefully, the vibration of love that I send make you aware that you are my love. And hopefully you also feel the same as what I feel. Amen.

Jumat, 07 Januari 2011

This is the exam of my love

My heart broke when I found out she was intimate with her boyfriend talking on mobile phone. I pretended to repeatedly check the books on my lap, and I deliberately took a seat right next to her so that I could clearly hear her talk. Obviously there was how lovingly she chatted with her boyfriend. It broke my heart, my heart is broken, my soul was rocked to hear the chat. Want me angry, I wanted to scream, I want to scream. My heart was pierced by a thorn. I want to cry, but I'm trying to stay strong and be an adult. Maybe this is a test of sincerity of my love for her. Do I really loved her or not. If I do sincerely love her, I should not impede her happiness. I must still love her despite the fact that she has belonged to someone else. I must still love her sincere my heart, though my heart was crying because she loves someone else. And the sincerity of love and affection I still have to prove I'm happy to give that up in the arms of someone else. I have to prove that I could still love her even though I could not have her love. I have to PROVE!

Senin, 03 Januari 2011

I will always wait for your love

Yana, you know that I love you
I know that you love me too
Only you in the deepest of my heart
Eventhough there are so many troubles
I will always wait for your love to come
To reunite again
In love together forever
Just you and i
In dreams and reality
You are mine and I am yours
Just want you to know
That eventhough I never say it clearly
No one can replace you in my heart
I don’t want to say it
Because my faith told me that love is needs to be prove in actions
Not only in words
I know you understand about this
 I can see it in your eyes
You never doubt my love
I will always wait for your love
For today and forever
There will come a time when we will be together forever