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Jumat, 07 Januari 2011

This is the exam of my love

My heart broke when I found out she was intimate with her boyfriend talking on mobile phone. I pretended to repeatedly check the books on my lap, and I deliberately took a seat right next to her so that I could clearly hear her talk. Obviously there was how lovingly she chatted with her boyfriend. It broke my heart, my heart is broken, my soul was rocked to hear the chat. Want me angry, I wanted to scream, I want to scream. My heart was pierced by a thorn. I want to cry, but I'm trying to stay strong and be an adult. Maybe this is a test of sincerity of my love for her. Do I really loved her or not. If I do sincerely love her, I should not impede her happiness. I must still love her despite the fact that she has belonged to someone else. I must still love her sincere my heart, though my heart was crying because she loves someone else. And the sincerity of love and affection I still have to prove I'm happy to give that up in the arms of someone else. I have to prove that I could still love her even though I could not have her love. I have to PROVE!

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