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Minggu, 30 Januari 2011

Love Can Eliminate Pain

Love does not only affect the inner person. Research shows, love can heal physical pain.

The term 'love can conquers all' might have a point. Not only the emotional effect that is obtained when someone is falling in love, but also physical endurance is incredible.

Quoted from Genius Beauty, hundreds of people asked to become the object of research. Their palms are heated up to high heat levels. At the same time, they were also asked to see photos of loved ones.

Interestingly, when the object of the study was see photos of their loved ones, burning sensation that they feel more and more reduced.

The researchers concluded that the feeling of love can function like a pain-reducing medication or analgesic. Feeling of love will stimulate the brain to reduce the sensor area to feel the pain. Not only that, feeling of love is also stimulate the production of opamin hormones, which can induce pleasure and positive mood.

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