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Rabu, 23 Februari 2011

For the most I love: If I die today

If I die today,
I'll give all the I have
For all those the are always loyal to accompany
During the period of my life
In my grief
In woe
And in love

If I die today,
I'll write a poem
Farewell poem
For the most I love
During my life
For the beloved
My lover
My happiness
And my longing

If I die today,
I will die as the happy person
Because I've done the best I can
Because I've been using what God gave me
Because I have ...
Because I have ...
Because I have ...
I could not write it all

For you, O my love,
If I die today,
Did I say that I love you?
Ye are the only soulmate
You are the reason my life
You are pulling my breath
You are everything to me
Forgive me if I err
I have done my best
For your happiness
Sorry for any mistakes

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