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Kamis, 27 Mei 2010

How to get your ex back

Losing someone we love is the last thing we want in our life. When we are in love, we want to make it forever, never let go whatever reason. But, if condition really push us to let lover go, what can we do? We may drown in sadness forever, we find another one, or we may try to get those ex back at any price. Some people choose to drown and even suicide, love gone means life gone too. That’s not good option. If we still love the ex, we may try to get the ex back. But how? We may begging like a beggar, like most of us do. Those way maybe success, but we can’t get proper appreciation from the ex if we do that. Why? Because no on like weak person. We all like strong person. So as the ex, they like strong person too. So, in order to get the ex back with better way, we must show to the ex that we are strong without the ex. We are still OK without the ex, eventhough in the inside we feel very hurt and want to begging the ex to come back. Sooner or later, the ex will realize that maybe it’s wrong decision to get the relationship broke. Slowly, the ex’s mind will thinking about the high value of you, because you are strong and wise person. And sooner or later, the ex will open the opportunity to get back together. Try it, be the strong, the ex will come back.

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