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This blog is the place for me to publish all of my writing content about love that i write since I'm in school over ten years ago. So, enjoy this lovely blog and I will be very happy if you like it. ^_^

And if you need some romantic ideas, I have some, example:

1. Writing a love poem,

2. Go to the beach and make a large shape of love heart in the sand and sit down together inside the heart for watch the sun go down. 3. etc.

There are many ideas that I compile into an ebook to improve your relationship quality and I will give it for free. You can download the ebook HERE.

Jumat, 21 Mei 2010


You are the idol of every men
You grasp the whole world
But now you drown in sadness
Leave you alone
With everything you get

It’s not that easy like turn around hand
Sometimes you need to feel the bitter sweet of life

I want to bring you with songs
To the beauty wave in the shore
I will whisper the words of love

I want you since years ago
Believe in me
You are the most beautiful pearl
In the middle of wide ocean

I will be your prince
That you always met in your dreams
Make you happy forever
In immortal love and affection

Because you are the most beautiful pearl in the ocean

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