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Sabtu, 22 Mei 2010

Loving someone

Loving someone maybe the sweetest and the hardest thing to do. Loving someone having possibility being hurt. Sometimes love make you cry. That’s love. There is no lover in this world that never hurts. That’s the art of love. sometimes happy sometimes sad. But afraid of love is same as afraid of life. Love and life is unite, never be apart. If you want to feel real life, you have to love. you have to take that risk. Maybe it’s true loving someone is a little bit risky, but what kind of life that have no risk?! All the sweet things in life having risk on it. so as love. so, if you want to feel the sweetest thing in life, try to loving someone unconditionally, and let life choose what is best for you. Whether it is good or bad, take it as an experience that will make us stronger and wiser. Love can make us really life and love can make us die several times. That’s the art of love. take it.

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